The History of Goose Creek Farms

We first became captivated with Miniature Horses in 1989. To start our breeding program, we were looking for a specific conformation and style of Miniature Horse. We visited many farms in Missouri, Illinois, Arizona and Texas before buying our first horse. Like most people, we were only going to have a few, but fell so much in love with them that we are now having trouble keeping our herd to around forty.

After buying our first horse we decided to try our hand at showing and have shown our horses most every year since 1991, and have been quite happy with the results. We are consistently breeding for excellence in conformation and temperament and feel that our show records reflect our success.

Since we live in a suburban area with restrictions to the number of horses allowed here, we moved part of our operation to a farm in west St. Louis County, and now run both farms from our St. Louis address.


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